Nick Land's Fanged Noumena: Collected Writings 1987-2007 (2nd Edition) PDF

By Nick Land

ISBN-10: 095530878X

ISBN-13: 9780955308789

Fanged Noumena assembles for the 1st time the writings of Nick Land, variously defined as 'rabid nihilism', 'mad black Deleuzianism', 'accelerationism', and 'cybergothic'. Wielding weaponised, machinically-recombined models of Deleuze and Guattari, Reich and Freud, within the corporation of fellow werewolves corresponding to Nietzsche, Bataille, Artaud, Trakl and Cioran, to a cut-up soundtrack of Bladerunner, Terminator and Apocalypse Now, Land plotted a conscientiously schizophrenic break out course out of educational philosophy, and declared all-out battle at the Human safety process. regardless of his disappearance, Land's output has been a very important underground effect either on contemporary Speculative Realist inspiration, and on artists, writers, musicians and filmmakers invigorated by way of his uncompromising and abrasive philosophical vision.

Long the topic of rumor and obscure legend, Land's turbulent post-genre theory-fictions of cybercapitalist meltdown, smear cyberpunk, philosophy, mathematics, poetics, cryptography, anthropology, grammatology, and the occult into unrecognisable and gripping hybrids. starting with Land's radical rereadings of Heidegger, Nietzsche, and Kant, Fanged Noumena terminates in Professor Barker's cosmic conception of geo-trauma and neo-qabbalistic makes an attempt to formulate a numerical anti-language.

Fanged Noumena is a dizzying journey via Land's rigorous, incisive and provocative paintings, constructing it as an critical source for considerably inhuman idea within the twenty-first century.

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Even if Gib­ son introduces the disparaging term 'meat' for the body, his vision of cyberspace is more physio-pharmacological than spiritualising. Gibson's protagonists do not 'escape' corporeal reality; their sense of the real is corroded by a levelling of ' real space' with the information-space they periodically inhabit - as vividly portrayed in Neuromancer by Case's 'flipping' between the city streets, a telemetrised inhabiting of his female partner's sensorium, and the digital wilderness of cyberspace.

Against this profoundly ambiguous and tensile project of enlightenment, against its formal foreclosure of alter­ ity and novelty, Land had set the adventurers - 'poets, 45 ' EDITORS INTRODUCTION werewolves, vampires' - who explore death and attempt to plot out modes of escape, activating the unconscious revolutionary force shackled by the inhibited sy ntheses of modern culture. M eanwhile, if capital is still a 'social straitjacket' of schizo-production, at least it is its 'most dissolved form'.

E D ITORS ' INTRO DUCTION dismisses as a travesty. Only the dissolution of 'actually­ existing philosophy' might open the way to new practices capable of participating in the exploratory 'intelligence' of those infected by the unknown. As texts such as ' Spirit and Teeth' make clear, Land's notion of ' animality' harbours something more than mere regression or atavism: as he puts it, 'nature is not the primitive or the simple' but rather 'the space of con­ currence, or unplanned synthesis [ . ] contrasted with the industrial sphere of human work' .

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